Vintage Dynamics NAV #1 | Functions

One of my key values is loyalty. I am very loyal to my customers and my customers are loyal to me.

This means with a history of two decades in the product you run into your own old code every now and then. This happened today as you can see in this screenshot:


Some objects have not changed since 2003 and when I opened I noticed this:


Now to all of you who are relatively new to the product, you might think that the C/AL editor can be improved by implementing Notepad instead.

However, there used to be a time not so long ago that NAV did not have GoToDefinition. One of these treats you get used to very quickly.

Even longer ago it was not even possible to use Search on Function names in objects.

To work around this issue I always put the function name as a comment in the function first.

This looks very awkward now, but it was very useful back in those days.

Compared to that, Notepad would have been an improvement to the C/AL Editor.

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  1. Michael Gunn says:

    The Dynamics NAV developer side has a long way to go.
    It is still very much behind all standard developer tool that are out this day.
    Even a simple autocomplete will do the trick….


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