Tip #44 | First time PowerShell, enable Scripts

This post is more a reminder for myself, each time I run into this when installing NAV on customers machines I have to search for the command.

I love modern development, PowerShell, TFS, etc. But it does not make life easier to understand all these technologies.

When running PowerShell on a new machine you might encounter this error:

PowerShell Script Disabled

It is telling you that PowerShell scripts are disabled.

Enabling is easy by running the Windows PowerShell IDE as administrator and executing this:

PowerShell Script Enabled

Works for me. After this I can work with the Development Commandlets.


  1. Marco Engel says:

    I’d suggest you would run in remotesigned mode. The NAV powershell tools are signed with a certificate and thus will run. Unrestricited will make your machine more vulnerable to “script kiddies” basically you will get a machine where it will run any script any time.
    If your script does not work in remotesigned, then you can always try to run the script creating a powershell.exe -file “script file goes here.ps1” -executionpolicy bypass.
    Powershell will then run the script in the Unrestricted mode, but only that script.


    1. Mark Brummel says:

      Thanks Marco, good suggestion. I don’t consider myself a powershell expert, just need it to work. šŸ˜‰


      1. Marco Engel says:

        You’re welcome Mark šŸ™‚


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