Tip #37 | Tracking Shipments from Dynamics NAV [Edited]

NOTE: This blog entry was edited after a comment from one of my readers.

Last week during one of my sessions for the NAVUG Summit one of the attendees asked a question about best practices to track shipments from NAV. The scenario is that you ship via UPS or Fedex and want to see the status. Answering the question, I obviously overdesigned the solution thinking about a factbox with a webservice calling out and displaying the status in the factbox.

Keith Owen came up with a much simpler solution that he already implemented and was willing to share. After publishing the first version of this post I edited it, since I was not aware that this was even a standard feature of NAV.


Instead of showing the actual status in Dynamics NAV, you run a hyperlink against a predefined URL.

This URL can be stored in the shipping agent table, and from the Sales Shipment you can call the Track Package action.


Thanks Keith! NAVUG


  1. M. Schneider says:

    Are you serious? This is a functionality that exists since NAV Version 5. At the posted shipments you can track the packages.

    P.S. hardcoded Shipping Agent Codes???


    1. markbrummel says:

      This is why I love the community. But take it easy please.

      I will update the post. Hey, one guy cannot know everything.

      Just trying to share what I see.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. M. Schneider says:

        But … But .. you are Mark Brummel the Godfather of NAV… it will be hard, but I take it easy. I forgive you…

        Liked by 2 people

      2. markbrummel says:

        Thank you. :-).


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