How Do I : Log into the Tablet client

Since the Tablet client was released by Microsoft as part of NAV 2015 a few weeks ago I got asked quite frequently how to login using a real tablet.

If you don’t have your own server setup with security certificates, you’re toast since Microsoft has not created any demo environments.

Fortunately Per Mogensen, MVP, friend, owner of Mergetool and creator of the easy security product (how many titles can one guy have), launced a demo portal.

Here are the details: have created a demo setup for NAV 2015 including ability to run the new Tablet Client. The Tablet Client can be downloaded from the Windows Store, Apple iTunes and Google Play by searching for “Dynamics NAV”. By using the information below is it possible to connect and test the client. The connection is shared for all users and we expect to restore the database during the day. This is only intended to allow testing the look and usability of the application on the tablet.

English (User: DEMO, Password: Pass@word1)

Danish (User: DEMO-DAN, Password: Pass@word1)

German (User: DEMO-DEU, Password: Pass@word1)

Dutch (User: DEMO-NLD, Password: Pass@word1)

From Internet Browser can the Web-Client also be used by adding “/WebClient/default.aspx” after the link above. For the English version like below

The Tablet Client can be used from the internet browser by adding “WebClient/Tablet.aspx” after the link above. For the English version like below.

The demo runs on his environment and is limmited to 20 concurrent sessions. If we run out of sessions, ping me and we will find a way to make it work.

The database is rolled back each night. You will be working in a multi user environment, be careful what you put in the database, watch your language. 😉

Mergetool_logo_horizontal_coloured-391x90 NAV_Esy_Security_logo_slogan-Cropped-400x148


  1. Natalie says:

    Microsoft should have provided that themselves … Thanks for your initiative, thumbs up!


  2. Jan Jaap Smkt says:

    Interesting to see the Welkome video in the Tablet cliënt: starts with Dynamics C5 !!


  3. Ian says:

    Is it offline now?


    1. pxttyh says:

      have an answer?


  4. pxttyh says:

    Can’t connect 😦
    is available?


  5. wing says:

    I have a concern about the security of the tablet client. It does timeout a session but do not require user to re-enter password to resume connection. I am currently testing it with CU1.


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