How Do I | Configure and Use the Background Posting Feature


You may be or even should be familiar with the How Do I video series around Microsoft Dynamics NAV which are part of the Readiness programm.

A couple of days ago I tweeted that my first video is online.


I knew Waldo, Vjeko and some others were making the video’s and I was asked to help since the orriginal planning was hard to stick to for the members of the team.

The video is about how to use the Background Posting Feature. Which is something that from my performance background is what I was familiar with and was done by some partners as a mod in the past.

I was helped by this post on the Dynamics NAV Team blog. Thanks Rikke.

You can watch the result of the video on MSDN or on YouTube.

This was my first video I made. I scripted the entire process before recording which you can hear pretty well. I would encourage everyone to try this experience. It’s weird spending a day listening to your own voice.

For those of you who are curious, the software used for the video is Camtasia.

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