Design Patterns | 10 Video’s

At the moment of writing this, 10 Design Pattern video’s are published. I recently started working on 5 more.

People at Microsoft have asked me what is the logical order of watching them. This is actually quite a hard question to answer. Some videos are in detail about a specific pattern that is represented by a few fields and some code while other video’s are about larger patterns such as explaining the locial flow of posting routines.

But let’s do a suggestions:

How Do I :

1. Build solutions using design patterns

2. Read and Understand the Posting Routines

3. Work with Master Data and Posting

4. Implement Master Data

5. Implement the Number Series Pattern

6. Use the Journal Template-Batch-Line Pattern

7. Implement the Singleton Table Pattern

8. Use the Select Pattern in a Posting Routine

9. Use Temporary Datasets

10. Use the Transfer Custom Fields Design Pattern

I hope this helps you find your way. The five new titles will be published soon.3. 3.

The five first Design Patterns & PRS Video’s are online

Hi, my name is Marije Brummel and…

I am happy to announce that five video’s about design patterns are online now.

The first six words are how I start all the video’s. The way to make them is pretty strict.

To make it easy I’ve created a playlist on YouTube with all the video’s

These video’s are online now:

How do I Read and Understand the Posting Routines

This video explains how the general flow of data works in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and explains the difference between posting, processing and archiving. Then it explains the Test Near, Test Far, Do It, Clean Up principle and where that can be found in codeunit 80, Sales Post.

Posting Routines in Dynamics NAV

At the end of the video we look at an example posting routine written with atomic coding.

How do I Use Temporary Datasets

This is one of my favorites. This video explains how to decouple UI from table structures and how to use temporary datasets in AL code. At the end of the video we combine Queries and Temporary Datasets in a page object.

How do I Use the Transfer Custom Fields Design Pattern

This pattern is a member of the larger Hooks pattern as described by Waldo. The ideo is to establish a contract to moving fields between tables where TRANSFERFIELDS cannot be used. This pattern will make upgrading much easier.

Data Process NAV

How do I Use the Select Pattern in a Posting Routine

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can only send one record as a contract to a codeunit. This video describes two ways to avoid sending extra parameters using functions. One is adding extra fields to the sourcetable, the other solution is to add an attribute table, which by itsself is a Temporary Dataset

How do I Implement the Number Series Pattern

Number Series are very user friendly and easy to implement once you know the steps. This video shows that step by step. It also explains how to make Number Series cross company in a very easy way.

Have fun.

The next five will be online soon.

Design Patterns | Video Series

For the Readiness program on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 I am asked to make a series of 10 video’s on creating Vertical Solutions.


I did not need more than a split second to say yes since it matches exactly to the book I published about Application Design and my part on the Design Patterns team and Partner Ready Software.


Just my cup of tea.

PRS Logo

This video series will focus on best practices to create your own solutions on top of and integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and are based on the design patterns and the methodology that was developed by PRS.

When writing this blog the first two videos are online and I just finised two more. Each week I will release two video’s, except for next week when we have our Design Paterns meeting in Vedbaek.

My (ambitous) plan is to write a small blog post about each video.

The first video’s are:

How do I Implement the Number Series Pattern (YouTube)


How do I Use the Select Pattern in a Posting Routine (YouTube)

How Do I | Configure and Use the Background Posting Feature


You may be or even should be familiar with the How Do I video series around Microsoft Dynamics NAV which are part of the Readiness programm.

A couple of days ago I tweeted that my first video is online.


I knew Waldo, Vjeko and some others were making the video’s and I was asked to help since the orriginal planning was hard to stick to for the members of the team.

The video is about how to use the Background Posting Feature. Which is something that from my performance background is what I was familiar with and was done by some partners as a mod in the past.

I was helped by this post on the Dynamics NAV Team blog. Thanks Rikke.

You can watch the result of the video on MSDN or on YouTube.

This was my first video I made. I scripted the entire process before recording which you can hear pretty well. I would encourage everyone to try this experience. It’s weird spending a day listening to your own voice.

For those of you who are curious, the software used for the video is Camtasia.