Business Central Performance | An update from MARS

Last year I wrote a few blog posts about how Business Central uses MARS to control datareads between SQL Server, the middle tier and the front-end.

I wrote these posts as a promise for a customer to raise awareness for the problem with Microsoft. I also discussed the issue on Yammer.

Surprise! Look what is in 2023 Wave 1

The MARS issues almost always result from the locking behavior we inherited from the old Navision days when we had Table-Locking which means that once the table has been modified during a transaction each read after that is also locking.

Read the posts from last year and browse my blog for more information on that.


Microsoft is now introducing an option to conrol the isolationlevel which will, if implemented correctly reduce the stress on the SQL Server backend.

Stefano Demiliani has published a great blog about this yesterday.

Here is a link to Microsoft documentation

Was this week to nerdy for you?

This week I have blogged three articles about very complex topics that are probably too difficult to understand for most of the folks working in our community.

Next week I will move to more functional posts. Sorry about the nerdyness.

The goal of the blog posts are always to educate, share and make you think.

I like to think that the result of last years blog posts about MARS has now resulted in a new feature and a happy customer in Belgium.



  1. There are too less nerdy blogs for BC, the capabilities of BC get more and more, and IMHo you have too be a little nerdy too keep on track


  2. davmac1 says:

    Thanks Marije – useful information.
    Maybe it will inspire some of the NAV customers to finally upgrade.

    Dave Machanick


  3. Rick says:

    Long live the nerdiness. 🙂


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