Tip #70 | Get ID from Table

It has been a bit quiet from me for a while. My last blogpost was about two months ago. I’ve not been programming that much and I am evaluating how to move forward with my (freelance) carreer a bit. Don’t take me wrong, I am as busy as I want to be, but that currently means less than 20 hours of working per week and spending much more time on me and my family.

This week I was goofing a bit with archiving data to Cosmos for a project when I needed to have the ID of a table from a variable. This has always been a challenge in Navision. Just Google it and you’ll see.

Since AL leverages more of the fact that our programming language is based on C# I found out, more or less by accident, that this actually works:

    trigger OnOpenPage()
        CompInfo: Record "Company Information";

It actually shows this:

How Cool is that!

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