Tip #65 | AppSourceCop & mandatoryPrefix

Today I was a bit puzzled by getting this error message and how to fix it.

error AS0054: The AppSourceCop configuration must specify one of the following properties: 'mandatorySuffix', 'mandatoryPrefix', or 'mandatoryAffixes'

Yes, you can google the message but that only brings you to pages that describe the message, not how to fix it.

It appears to be easy so I wanted to spare others the time.


  1. GrumpyNAVdev says:

    We also have a company prefix but are considering expanding it with an app prefix as well. Otherwise we fear we might create identical field names in two table extensions in two apps. We would not notice the conflict until one of our customers wish to add both apps to their solution.

    We often have multiple apps open in our VS Code workspace. This conflicts with the prefix setting per workspace.

    Any hints on how to handle this?


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