It’s the week of NAVTechDays, the biggest Business Central Community event of the year and I thought it would be good to spend a few moments on the state of our community.

Business Central is taking off. According to Microsoft there are more than 4000 paying tenants and the average number of users per tentant is 10+ which is the sweetspot where Navision used to be strong.

I can also see it in my daily work, especially at ForNAV, where almost all of the support cases and pre-sales activities now involve onboarding new Business Central Partners. Especially from North America the uptake from Great Plains partners is great and it’s nice to see the entousiasm.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Business Central is by far the best ERP in the cloud and with no doubt the most flexible and easy to enhance. If you just forget for a moment that it used to be Navision and forget about the failed marketing it’s so easy to fall in love with the product once again.

Microsoft is much more quiet or less noisy. Working hard on improving the product and realising the vast amount of changes nessesairy to put dots on I’s and crosses on T’s.

The people who are new to the product need help getting started and Twitter is a nice medium to shout out for help.

For that reason Microsoft started the hashtag #BCALHelp and encourages the community to subscibe to the hastag and help their peers.

I think being the underdog, quietly working on being the best without bragging has been a position that was always good for Navision and it’s good for Business Central. Our customers are small entrepeneurs working hard and not as sensible for loud marketing as the big fortune 500.

Let’s be humble and be the best in our game. Take it slow and steady and make the best with what we have.

I’m sure that with that, NAVTechDays will soon be BCTechDays with the same pride and dignity as before serving the same great communities of Navision and Great Plains combined.

See you all in Antwerp!

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