How to build a ForNAV report in just a few minutes


When people think about ForNAV they think about complete report conversion in three clicks. For a good reason because it does a brilliant job in that and it was also the marketing message when the company started.


But did you know ForNAV has a designer that completely matches the NAV DNA? Simple, Intuitive and it allows you to create a report in just a few minutes. Because the ForNAV designer is built specifically for NAV it understands the NAV Design Patterns and allows you to do things you could only dream of before.

ForNAV is designer with Dynamics NAV in mind so it understands FlowFields and GroupTotals. There is no need to create complex queries in SQL. Even the Dataset in NAV does not need to have fields defined.

I hope that makes you curious. Watch this YouTube video and learn all.

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