NAV2016 CU1 | The AltSearchField field property does not work as documented

Whenever I teach a class I always talk about boat anchors and my favorite one is the AltSearchField property.

Luc van Vugt describes it on his blog:

It is one of these features that we inherrited in the Windows version from the Dos version, but it never worked in RTC or other modern clients. This is why I was surprised to see this in the list of fixes for CU1 of NAV2016:

376291 The AltSearchField field property does not work as documented.

After investigation it looks like Microsoft removed the property from the options in the Development Environment.


So this is a boat anchor that is now fixed. However…

If you export the G/L Account table to txt it is still there.


So it is actually a hidden property.

Thank you Microsoft for starting cleaning up NAV!

I have to start looking for a new favorite boat anchor.


  1. Jens Glathe says:

    I don’t see removing a useful functionality as a good thing. The replacement is sub-par. And hiding a property is no cleanup. 🙂


    1. lvanvugt says:

      Jens, naggy pal 😉
      It was functionally already removed. But using Kriki’s words it seems only an autumn cleanup:


  2. Lars Westman says:

    Try to rename the field that’s set as AltSearchField…. You’ll get a compilation error and will have to export the object to a text file and remove the hidden property.

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