Tip #44 | First time PowerShell, enable Scripts

This post is more a reminder for myself, each time I run into this when installing NAV on customers machines I have to search for the command.

I love modern development, PowerShell, TFS, etc. But it does not make life easier to understand all these technologies.

When running PowerShell on a new machine you might encounter this error:

PowerShell Script Disabled

It is telling you that PowerShell scripts are disabled.

Enabling is easy by running the Windows PowerShell IDE as administrator and executing this:

PowerShell Script Enabled

Works for me. After this I can work with the Development Commandlets.

To Navigate or Not To Navigate

Seriously, I love the people at Microsoft working on our product, well, most of them.

But, every now and then you can really see that the company is like a country and not everything works like it should.

I am currently doing a project in NAV2015 where we changed the posting routines and added journals and entries. Thus we needed to change Navigate and test. I did that without thinking.

However when I started to train end users I noticed something funny.


Navigate has always been in the product, at least as long as I can remember.

Back in the 1990’s it was a unique selling point of the product. It looked like this:


This screencapture is Navision 2.0 (On a windows 8.1 machine, yes it works like a charm).

NAV 2015

On NAV 2015 looking for Navigate, an end user finds this:


Seriously. What do you want an honest blogger to say without hurting the feelings of my friends in Vedbaek?

It looks like it is introduced in NAV2013


In 2009 the option was called “Related Information” which makes more sense and is more intuitive.


Microsoft can you please fix this?

We’re back to be found | Dynamics NAV Community

Oh my, I was almost ready to blog about it. We were completely lost!

“What do you mean?”, I hear you say.

Dynamics NAV is, as far as I know, the only product on the community website with a Wiki and with one of the last updates, we were gone missing.

Fortunately we are back and on a really nice place.


Thanks Bogdana and Dustin for this nice spot.

Remember, the wiki is a community project. If you want to contribute, don’t hesitate to sign up!


Tip #43 | Search

Every now and then it happens. I get the feeling I am the only one not knowing a trick. Off course I realise that is not the case so I share what I learn.

MenuSuite and Search

As you might know or should know, the MenuSuite object is used for the search in Dynamics NAV.


This is the reason why you see almost a dozen instances of Navigate when you search it. It has been defined in the MenuSuite at as many places as that.

Search Criteria

So far nothing new for me. However I was watching How Do I videos this weekend from Claus Londstrom and Alexander Totovic when I noticed them typing in this:


If you type in “rep sel sal” it will search for words containing these words. This was the thing I did not know and wanted to share.


Design Patterns YouTube Playlist | 30 Videos

With the recovery of a lost video at Microsoft, the Design Patterns YouTube PlayList has 30 Videos now.

23 of these videos are part of the How Do I series and co-sponsored by Microsoft. 7 videos are created by me.

You can find the PlayList on my YouTube channel: Here is the link:


Until a year ago I was unfamiliar with YouTube and video making but it is surprisingly easy to do and sends out a very clear message.

The playlist includes an hour long introduction to the concept of Design Patterns

Workshops (Advertisement)

If you want to learn more about how Design Patterns can help you improve development of Dynamics NAV in your company we have started a series of workshops together with regional MCT’s.

The first region we host is North America. On March 19th and 20th we do Atlanta with Mike Doster and on March 23rd and 24th we do Toronto with Floyd Chan.

Next up will be Europe with probably Belgium, The Netherlands, UK and Austria. I am still looking for an MCT in the UK to work together with.

Quiz: Can you see the difference between these two images?