Tip #34 | RDLC Row background itteration

This Blog Article was brought forward from my old blog

As I described in my previous post, we will get report design guidlines.

One of these guidlines is to use itterated background changes in list reports. This looks realy cool, just like listplaces in the RTC. But how do you implement this. Wel, it is extremely easy.


This is a property that every contol has in RDLC and you can populate it with a name or hexnumber representing the color


In most RDLC properties you can write expressions. This is a very easy language which is unfortunately different from C/AL. For example the IF/ELSE statement is IIF(Condition, Yesresult, Noresult). But still easy to learn.

Built In Report variables

One thing I advice everyone to learn is that RDLC has built in variables that you can use, similar to CurrReport.PAGENO in the classic designer, but TONS and TONS more.

One of them is RowNumber.

If you combine this you can create an expression like this:



Nothing) mod 2, “LightGrey”, “White”)


The result is making reports easily look like this:

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