Tip #2 – Linked subpages

This Blog Article was brought forward from my old blog

Last months I have been teaching a lot of NAV2009 upgrade workshops in The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. One of the questions I am getting often is how to link a subpage to another subpage. In the UK workshop we started some experimenting. We found that when creating a subpage you get a field called provider ID in the properties.

This field is used in factboxes to link a factbox to the subpages, for example Item statistics to a salesline.

When you populate this field with the ID of the subpage you want to link it to you can populate the subformlink with the link to the correct table.


Page 42, Sales Order has a part called Sales Line FactBox. The properties are like this

I created a new page with ID 50000 which is a list page of table Document Dimension

Very simple page. And in page 42 I created a new subpage under Saleslines


Normaly a subpage is linked to the main page, but when using the provider ID you can link it to another subpage


And now the sales order page looks like this

and it updates when selecting another salesline. Very cool huh? Stick out tongue

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