Tip #17 – The DataSetFieldName property

This Blog Article was brought forward from my old blog

Last week I created my first RTC report. An exiting experience I can say. Stick out tongue

To be honest I was not really looking forward, but as it went I became more and more entousiastic.

As most of you know the RTC reports use a dataset. This dataset is a XML file that is rendered in a SSRS like way.

The basics for this dataset is the classic report layout. Every item on this layout is a part of the dataset, so even if you do not want to use the classic client you need to maintain the classic dataset in some way.

The dataset has a weird way of naming the individual components.

This is inherrited by the DataSetFieldName property. Every control on the report has one.

Let’s add a new one.

If we now save the report the DataSetFieldName gets populated automagicaly

And is shown in the Visual Studio Layout

If you change the DataSetFieldName property this name in the RDLC layout will also change.

Now you can drag and drop this item to the report.


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