Tip #11 – The ‘page’ variable

This Blog Article was brought forward from my old blog

When NAV2009 was released, a new variable type was introduced called page.

As most of you know, page and form numbers are transparent in NAV. This means that every page should have a form and vice versa. Depending of the client it will show the page or form with that number.

For example:

The table 21, customer ledger entry has a DrillDownFormID. This refers to form 25. But if you drilldown in the Role Tailored Client it will show page 25.

I’ve created a new Table with a Form and a Page, both with number 70000.

Let’s add these objects as variable to an object. Let’s do this on a page (9060 – SO Processor Activities).

When we push the actions from the role center we see that the results are exactly the same.

But when you run a page variable from the classic client it returns an error…

Lessons learned:

1. Always keep formnumbers and pagenumbers the same

2. Always use the form variable unless you want to create a specific exeption and you know what you are doing.


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