NAV 2013 R2 | Watches | Part II

If you haven’t read my previous post on debugger watches please do so before continueing on this.

So using the watches in the new debugger is more difficult than using the old debugger or for example the Visual Studio debugger.

There were two things I liked better about the previous debugger.

1. The watches were at the bottom of my screen, which is the case in most debuggers

2. I could edit the watches by just typing them. You need to know the syntax, but that happens overtime to most of us.

Let’s walk through how you can make this work in the new debugger. The cool thing about the new debugger is that is is actually a bunch of pages and C/AL code.

1. Moving the watches down:

This is actually extremely easy, just go in the page and move the factbox to a subpage position like this


And then you have this


And the debugger looks like this:


2. Making the watches editable

This is actually quite a bit harder and to be honest I am running into some runtime errors with my experimenting. Here is what I have:


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