“Value is Filter” for Factboxes

This is a really neat trick! Read and learn! Thanks Johannes Gudmundsson.

The NAV Viking´s Blog

I am one of those guys to have programmed NAV through text based, into forms and finally to pages.  This transformation to pages from forms is an interesting endeavor.  In this blog I am going to highlight a rather unused feature, called “Value is Filter”, which is found when connecting a FactBox to a page as seen below:


Connecting a page to another page is a very useful tool, when you need to display date from many sources on one screen.  For my prototype a created a simple page that shows item ledger entries with remaining quantity for the item selected.


Then I added the newly created page to the Sales Order in the FactBoxesArea section.


In the properties, I connect it to the sales line repeater via the Provider ID.  This feature is very different from the Forms in older versions, where the form had to connect to parent, which in…

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