We’re back to be found | Dynamics NAV Community

Oh my, I was almost ready to blog about it. We were completely lost!

“What do you mean?”, I hear you say.

Dynamics NAV is, as far as I know, the only product on the community website with a Wiki and with one of the last updates, we were gone missing.

Fortunately we are back and on a really nice place.


Thanks Bogdana and Dustin for this nice spot.

Remember, the wiki is a community project. If you want to contribute, don’t hesitate to sign up!


Design Patterns are part of the official Community Wiki

We are at the verge of NAVTechDays 2013 where we will do our third Partner Ready Software presentation.

Looking back on how we started and where we are today makes me proud. We talked about a wiki when we started. Today the wiki is there in a form I would have never dreamt of or hoped for.

You probably know that the Design Patterns team blogged 8 patterns on the NAV Team blog and there is a blog explaining the team and its goal.

What is the NAV Design Patterns project?

It should have been a secret until NAVTechDays but we launched a wiki on the official Dynamics Community site. Here is the link.


Currently we have 15 more patterns almost ready to be published and plan is to move upto 40 soon.

Also we will make a big announcement of plans at NAVTechDays to move the pattern project into a bigger perspective.

For me the patterns are the core of what every NAV Developer should know to do a good job. It’s the quest I started looking for in my book.

Keep a close eye on my blog as I will post more details on our next project soon!