My first NAVUG Summit, and it was awesome…

I’ve been attending and speaking at all major events for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Directions, TechEd, Techdays, Convergence, NAVTechDays and this year I’ll even fly to Bali for the Asian Partner Conference.


I had never been to NAVUG Summit, even though the event has been there for quite a while.

This year I got two invitations. One as associate for Liberty Grove Software, and because of that, Mark Rhodes thought I might as well contribute as a speaker and panelist.

On top of that, he offered to help me promote my new book. And oh boy, did he keep his promise.

This is what I found at the I love NAV booth…


My own sign! How amazing is that!

NAVUG Summit

The summit is an event by users for users. As an MVP, what you can do at the summit is share. What we love. There are 500 end users absorbing every piece of knowledge they can get out of you. They are using versions anywhere between 5.0 and 2013R2. There is also a lot of functional content. Much more than any other event I’ve ever attended. This would also be something where I could learn from them.

The atmosphere

What I loved most is that everyone is very enthusiastic about Dynamics NAV, or Navision. Everyone is enthusiastic about the product. The event makes you happy.

My Sessions

I did a lot of talking. In total I did 6 sessions which is more than planned. For Liberty Grove Software and Data Masons I did a 5-10 minutes presentation about Design Patterns and Upgradability. This is a very current subject in the perspective of Microsoft shipping software each year and roll up updates each month. Together with Microsoft and Partner Ready Software we have developed a methodology to make upgrades easier.

My “real” session was Introduction of Design Patterns and Upgradable Code. In this session I looked at design patterns from an end users/customers perspective reducing the TCO of Dynamics NAV and making upgrades easier.


Then I was a panelist at Developing Best practices and Performance Tuning. This was really cool and just Q&A between the audience and the panelists. I apologise if I talked to much.


My session will be repeated as a webcast on November 25th at 3.00 pm EST.

The Book

Ok, ok, I’m not going to lie about it. This was cool. During the event I must have signed 15 books. I had 4 with me to sell, Data Masons had 6 to give away and during the keynotes, NAVUG gave away 2 more. Here are some pictures of book winners or people who had the book signed.

2014-10-14 19.12.35WP_20141016_005WP_20141015_0012014-10-27_19-35-47

Microsoft Round Table

There was a Microsoft roundtable for Q&A with the Program Managers. The max. seat count was 12. I decided to hop in just to see what was discussed hoping they would not count me as a head.

What surprised me was that only half a dozen people were there. This was the opportunity to give feedback to Microsoft and people just don’t show up. They must be very happy with NAV.


The Venue

Although the venue was old, it was spacious, clean, people were friendly and the rooms were easy to get to. The weather was nice, and we got a chance to go to the best steakhouse in St. Louis. That was good! 20oz rib eye with 12yr old Magellan. If you ever want to bribe me.


The Surprise

I met a lot of new people, and made new friends. One new friend was very happy with the link to her awesome blog in my book. Kerry Rosvold.


The Preparation

Guinea pigs for my session were Dave and Karen Studebaker. I spent the weekend with them before the event and they gave valuable input. Wisconsin is just amazing this time of year.



I gave away three copies of Dave’s programming NAV book during my sessions.

The end? Or to be continued…

A lot of pictures in this post… but some say more than 1000 words…


Book Code Samples | Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design

From both my blog and NAVUG members the question has reached me where the code samples for my book can be aquired.

UPDATE: The code samples moved to GitHub!

They can be downloaded from my OneDrive.

I will contact the publisher why they are not on the FTP.

The objects were used to create the examples in my book and are upgraded from 2009. However if you find any issues or have any questions, ask them here or send me a quick email.

I’ll be at the I Love NAV booth or at the Liberty Grove Software booth at NAVUG to answer questions or sign your copy of my book.


Dynamics NAV Events | Fall 2014

It is august 2014 which means that most people who go on vacation in the summer period are either just returning or maybe still enjoying their well deserved rest. At least I did for two weeks in Interlaken this year.

Is also means we are at the verge of the new event and release season which is each fall since the last few years.

NAV2015 will be released this year and I am very exited about the new features that will be shipped this version.

I will be attending and speaking at four out of five events.

1. Directions USA | San Diego

The first event is Directions USA in San Diego, from September 14th to 16th. I always enjoy Directions USA since the atmosphere feels nicer than in europe or at least that is my opinion. It is also the event where most of the Liberty Grove associates get together and meet each year.


2. Directions EMEA | Poznan (Poland)

Each year EMEA and US switch in priority and this year EMEA is second after USA. Poznan Poland this year. The contents of the events is more or less the same.

The event is from October 8th – 10th.

MVP Track

This year is the first year that there is a dedicated MVP Track where 10 sessions are hosted my MVP’s. The track is lead by Gary Winter, a new MVP since this year and part of the Partner Ready Software team. I will be doing a session about designing MiniApp applications in Dynamics NAV.

3. NAVUG | St. Louis

Attending NAVUG summit was on my bucket list for many years and this year I will be representing Liberty Grove and presenting.

I do a lot of work for US customers and look forward to meeting some of them in real person. The event dates are October 14th to 17th.


4. NAVTechDays | Antwerp

I must admit my favorite, at least from a content perspective. This event is hosted in a cinema with huge screens and fantastic seats.

Partner Ready Software will be presenting this year again and we hope to bring you some new and fresh ideas as you are used to from us.

The event is in November from 20th to 21st.


Pre-Conference workshops

Like last year there are pre-conference workshops. Together with Gary Winter I will be hosting a Partner Ready Software workshop again. There is still room available so book your seats fast.


And then…

So the question is what is the 5th event and why am I not there.

In November there is also Convergence EMEA in Barcelona. Unfortunately at the same time you have MVP Summit in Redmond. Since the latter is more interesting from my own development I choose to attend this and enjoy three days of inside Microsoft information.

Hope to see you in person at one of the events!