Microsoft How Do I Video Series | Behind the scenes

Microsoft produces How Do I videos for many of their products. They can be found on MSDN where they are grouped by product.

For Microsoft Dynamcis NAV we have recorded over 100 videos for NAV2013, NAV2013R2 and NAV2015. The recordings for NAV2016 are being prepared as I write this blog.

I came on board for NAV2013R2 to do a series about NAV Development Best Practices that we then decided to call Design Patterns. I also did a handful of other videos about the Job Queue, Word Reporting and lately some functional end user scenario videos.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes and see how these videos are being made.

Scenario & PowerPoint

The videos are created using a scenario. This is often the title of the video with a small description of the steps. After beign approved by Microsoft the recording can start.

Most of the videos are recorded at home or office. We use Camtasia which makes it relatively easy to record them. Lately the editing such as zoom and highlight is done by an editor which saves a lot of time, before that this had to be done by the author.

The PowerPoint has evolved to a nice moving introduction to the video. Most of the How Do I video should take place in the product itself, not in powerpoint.

The Recording Studio

Some videos are recorded in the studio. The one we use in Europe is in Belgium. The same studio as used for Plataan TV which most of you know from other online training.


The studio is at the research campus in Hasselt.


The first time you are in a studio like this it is a strange experience. No matter how many videos you have recorded at home, this is different. But once you are used to the cameras it is fun and when well prepared we can be very productive in the studio.

Do you want to join the team? Leave a message on the blog and I will forward it to the team.

NAV 2015 | Import FOB, back to MS-DOS?

Although I understand the investments in Multi-Tenancy from a Microsoft perspective it does not always make our live easier.

Today during the import of a Fob at a customer I am upgrading to NAV2015 I got this message.


I don’t even run a Multi-Tenant system. This means I have to start PowerShell and run this command.

Although I love the power of PowerShell, I hate using it. Why isn’t this available from the development environment?

This case was getting even more strange since the error PowerShell gave was on a table that was not affected by the fob. The Object name already exists. I could only solve the issue with changing the tablename.

Where is the simplicity in that.

Sorry for my rant, but maybe this post helps someone having the same issue.

MiBuSo: We have Design Patterns forums now!

Let me start by thanking Luc and Alain for making this forum reality.

The Dynamics NAV ecosystem is becomming more and more aware of Design patterns and I get almost daily questions about them via mail or other channels.

These forums are meant to share knowledge and ask questions.

You can find descriptions about Design Patterns on this Wiki: … fault.aspx

Or on YouTube: … freload=10

Let’s make this happen!

Happy coding.

PS: I am moderating the forum, so please be nice. 😉