Windows 10 and Dynamics NAV | Continuum and ERP

As I am writing this blog, Microsoft is showing Windows 10 to the world. I have always been a Windows fan and worked with the very early releases back until Windows 1.


When Windows 8 was introduced we quickly got some screenshots emailing aroundhow the new “Live Tiles” would influene Dynamics NAV.

In reality this never happened. Live Tiles failed as people did not like the big bathroom interior on their desktop experinece and NAV never adopted the possibilty of showing data on the tile.

A big mistake still if you ask me, also considering that it looks like with Windows 10 we will still have the tiles as part of the start menu. I love the tiles and the fact that it shows me stuff without opening the application.

We got tiles in Dynamics NAV in the Role Center, with sentiment. I love that feature. I would still like to be able to make these bigger or smaller like in Windows 8 and put more on them like images and text.

But that is not what I wanted to write. Get to the point I hear you think.


What is that, I hear you say. It means that each device that runs Windows can run the same apps and adopts to the device. If you have a small device without keyboard and mouse it optimises for that, if you run on a tablet you get more real estate and if you attach a keyboard it automatically optimises again. Like in this video:

I would love to see this feature adopted in Dynamics NAV. We already have an app for tablets, what if that would be cross-device and works on all devices? Adopting to keyboard if required.

Please Microsoft! Make this work. And while you are at it, please use the live tile to display information. Like the number of Workflow alerts from your roadmap.

Dynamics NAV should have the best Windows 10 experience of all ERP products out there. We have the architecture to make it happen.

Dynamics NAV vNext : Corfu

Ok, writing about a new version before it is released with a current NDA is like walking on eggs. It can almost only go wrong.

But, I am so exited about the upcomming release that I have to let that know to our community.

The reason for my exitement is the roadmap, presented by Microsoft on the events of fall last year. If you look at that roadmap you see a lot of functional areas. This is the first time in almost a decade that the list of new functional features is as long as it is for this release.

Let’s have a look at that roadmap.


This screenshot is taken from the video of the NAVTechDays keynotes, but the other events showed similar announcements. I highly recommend watching the entire video.

The roadmap shows Workflow, OCR & Document Mgt and e-services integration.

There is another functional enhancement and I am 100% sure it was mentioned during an event, but I cannot find proof online so I won’t mention it here.

The future of NAV is looking bright. Adding functionality is so important for everyone.

Small Changes that make a big Difference | #1

I know that this time of the year, Microsoft is making the list of features in the next version, or are in the approval process of that list.

Every now and then, I come accross small anoying things that are unfinished in the product that would make a difference if they are solved. Sometimes in the user experience, sometimes in the development tools.

The first one I’m blogging about is promoting actions from the departments to your role center. This turns into an ugly grey ball icon that you cannot change.

Microsoft is really into personalising the Role center, but really, do we want the Role Center to be populated with grey ball images?