SQL Performance Tuning

What if your amazing system becomes incredibly slow

Allow us to help you fix it!


Even on the best platform you can experience bad performance as a result of bad code.

Bad code often reveils itsself after being used for a while and datasets grow bigger.

Most testers forget to test on large volumes.

We can help you identify bad code and suggest how to improve it.


In the old days, software was on a server.

Nowadays, software is serverless, or servers are on virtual machines running on VM Ware, Hyper-V, Azure or even Amazon.

How do you make guarantee that infrastructure is fast and safe?

We have worked with all the above platforms and can help you analyze your setup.


Business Central has a special way of utilizing the capacity of SQL Server and this can drive a traditional DBA totally crazy.

We don’t only know how to tune Business Central on SQL, we advised Microsoft how to improve their system.

It does not matter if you run SQL Server or Azure SQL. We know how to get it to work!

We litterally helped hundreds of customers all accross the globe with performance issues for over two decades.

Marije Brummel

Did you know that some performance issues can be solved in less than two hours?

Most performance issues are solved for a budget under 5k.

About Us

Marije has worked with Business Central and NAV on SQL for over two decades. She won multiple awards for her work on the product.

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