About Recruiters, Microsoft Azure & Dynamics 365…

I have not been blogging a whole lot lately, it’s been a bit quiet here. This is not because there is nothing to blog about but more about work-life balance.

In the last few weeks I have been communicating a bit with recruiters. I am looking for a new project somewhere in the September timeframe and I decided to change the setting for my LinkedIn profile to let recruiters know I am open to work.

To be perfectly honest, I have never actually done a project via a recruiter. Never in the almost 17 years of freelancing. It has always been word-of-mouth that led me from one project to the next.

It has always been a challenge for recruiters to figure out what “Dynamics 365” exactly is. Everyone in my network is familiar to be approached with Dynamics CRM projects while you are a NAV/AX specialist or the other way around. I got the feeling that this had gotten better over the years.

What surprises me now is that Microsoft Azure seems to be having the same problems. It has become to ambiguous for recruiters to work with.

Microsoft Azure is a massive stack of tools that span both infrastructure and business tools with complete logging and monitoring.

Somehow the penny seems to have dropped for the infrastucture part but it seems to be stuck there… as if Microsoft Azure is just the next version of VMWare.

My LinkedIn profile says that I am specialized in Azure… which I am, but I use it to solve business problems such as interfacing.

Dear recruiters… Microsoft Azure is so much more than infrastructure… and as part of our job automating business processes it will be more and more common to see Azure and Dynamics being combined into a skillset.

I admit that I don’t understand what it must be like to work in HR or to be a recruiter but it seems to me we need each other.

There are hundreds of projects to choose from and a balance between a challenging project and a short commute still seems to be the most difficult thing to find.

Oh, and about the blog… hopefully next week there will be a series about Jobs, Inventory and Warehouse Management in Business Central where I need the help of my community friends to figure out what is a smart way to move forward…


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  1. davmac1 says:

    One in a while I get something worthwhile from a recruiter.
    Mainly I just ignore them.
    Another problem with many recruiters is they are trying to get enough names to run a beauty contest – fill up interview slots with the hope that their customer will hire one.
    Since you are an accomplished blogger, this may be your best route to new work.



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