Review | Automated Testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Time flies if you are having fun. It seems like yesterday that Luc van Vugt had published his first book about Automated Testing and recently the Second Edition has been released.

Everyone in our community knows, or should know, that having the Automated Testing book from Luc is mandatory. Luc is the authority when it comes to this subject.

But the question is, why should you buy this second edition?

Well, because a lot has changed since the first version. And this book is twice as thick!

Why has so much changed?

Testing as such has not, so why is this book so much thicker and better than the previous edition?

The main reason is that our world has changed and proffessionalized. Integration of Business Central with tools like CI/CD has improved drastically.

My favorite chapter?

Luc has added a chapter on how to write testable code. In my experience this is the most important chapter, as a developer.

If a developer writes code that is hard to test, has dependencies, or is too large the testing becomes incredibly difficult.

Since our community has a lot of legacy code we also have a lot of code that was never designed to be tested automatically.

Refactoring has always been hard in our community which drives on open code. With the move to an extension model this is no longer an excuse and now is the time to start refactoring code to improve testability.

Good job Luc! And congratulations on this achievement.

Get the book here.


  1. TheDoubleH says:

    Agreed – 100%


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