Business Central Page 9599 | What is it?

Time for a quick blog.

Last few weeks I’ve been heads down in some performance tuning of Business Central using modern telemetry from KQL.

This is much more powerful than the old SQL Profiler since it allows you to see the stack trace in AL where the problems are caused.

AppObjectType: Page AppObjectId: 9599

This little guy was in my telemetry several times. Page 9599. And I could not find that page and the page was constantly built on a different table.

It turns our that if you run a table, a page object is built at runtime that gets page ID 9599.

The lesson I learned is that if I see this, most often an Administrator at the customer is trying to fix data.

If this happens often, talk to the customer and see if a more permanent fix can be applied. Teach the customer that doing this can kill performance for everyone using the system.

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