Making a Business Central upgrade (so much) easier…

Since the beginning of the year I have a new job/project for a partner in Denmark that you may never have heard of.

The reason for saying that is because they are (super) vertical and they don’t ever “sell against” other partners. The only competition is outside of the Business Central comminity.

What makes that cool is that I can essentially share anything I learn with you without feeling guilty I give away “IP” to competition. The better Business Central as a product is doing the better we can compete with other branche specific solutions. Win-win.

The Upgrade problem

One of the things I spent most of the september month on was to find and document a way to make upgrades from NAV to Business Central easier.

The good news is that we found a way to make upgrades up to 80% cheaper and to almost completely eliminate the dependency on highly skilled developers which in our ecosystem is the resource type that is the most difficult to find.

The Trick?

As part of the upgrade toolkit that Microsoft provides for Business Central is a piece that was designed for Great Plains (GP) customers migrating. This is called Table Mapping.

If you customize GP, a lot happens on SQL level, much more than in NAV where there is more meta data.

In order to be able to migrate custom GP tables to an extension to you lift a SQL Table to an extension without making it into an extension on premises.

How do I learn more?

Almost all of the content I created is un-gated and publically available. There is a blog, a github repository and a video.

Oh, and before I forget, there are several countries for which we look for partners to invest in our vertical solution.

Here are the links, and enjoy!

With love,



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