HELP! My entire Business Central SAAS stopped running!

Today was my first day back at the (home) office programming in 2 and a half months. I had already spend a lot of time in the last month or so changing email addresses and other account names to my new name but I only looked at my BC Saas sandboxes today.

When I looked at the admin portal it looked like this:

All environments where set to Not Ready, all options to restart, delete etc. were greyed out.

At first I thought it was me. That I had broken something in my Office 365 subscription.

I was wrong…

It turns out that Microsoft disables all tenants that are not in use for x-amount of time. You have to report a “production outage” to get it up and running again.

After I did that I was good to go in 45 minutes.

Thanks Duilio for helping me.


  1. Welcome back Marije.

    Do you know what the “x” in x-amount of time is?

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    1. The MS support person said “months”…


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