Business Central, ERP or Development Platform?

Sometimes you need an external signal to rethink your strategy. This morning I read this tweet on my timeline.

Funny to me because I don’t see NAV or Business Central as an ERP first, I see it as a Development Platform first with some ERP for free. One that I know inside out better than almost anyone else.

How do you see it? Should we expect Microsoft to take a new approach with ERP first and Development Platform second? For years, or maybe even a decade, everything around NAV was about technology and developers.

With the API present and other development platforms superior it would not surprise me that Microsoft changes this strategy.

Should this old dog learn new tricks? What is the learning curve? Which other platforms? Share your opinion please!

Don’t forget to register for today’s webinar and let’s see if we can find out what happens to C/Side and Object Files. To Fob or not to Fob, that’s the question.


  1. davmac1 says:

    The NAV dog has learned new tricks and has a new name without NAV in it. The question really is – do you like the new tricks? When C/AL is completely gone, will some of the C/AL tricks come back? Probably – based on past history.
    Plus, you are not even beginning to be old. What are you doing to be doing for the next 30 years?


  2. phew… so much pressure to get called on this prominent post 😉

    Interesting thought. That’s what Salesforce did back in 2013(!). They became more of a platform provider than a CRM provider. These days you find all sorts of software developed on (including ERP such as FinancialForce, Kenandy or rootstock.. ).
    In my opinion, the strength of NAV always was its decades of business functionality combined with stupid easy extensibility. EG: You get localization for specific financial requirements in dozens of countries.
    From my point of view (disclaimer AX/D365FO, former NAV guy speaking), BC is a bit between a rock and a hard place: ERP like D365FO has more functional depth and a salesforce has years of experience being a platform.

    Reading your post since many years just to keep up with the “noise” in the NAV world. Enjoy it very much. Thx again for your contributions to the community.


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