Grab Your Power License | Create Table 1

Small changes that makes a big difference seems to be the slogan for NAV2017.

One of these small changes that have been asked for a long time is to make it easier for partners to upgrade their customers by allowing us to add/remove fields and objects within the Microsoft number ranges which are 1..49999.

This has been a restriction for three decades.

Great News!!!

This restriction has been lifted (since September 9th). If you refresh your development license on Partner Source, or Voice or however it is called (I don’t have/create my own license).

With this license you can also create table 1, codeunit 4 etc.

With great power comes great responsibility!

The fact that Microsoft just gave you a chainsaw does not make it their fault if you cut off your finger. Use this wisely and don’t start adding fields that should not be there.

In my Master Class I always compare license numbers to Namespaces. Keep your stuff in your namespace.

Are we happy now?

Off course not. Give us a finger and we want the hand. What is the next request?

Loose the restriction for customers to buy codeunits.


Because it prevents customers from having clean upgradable code! A “Mgt” Codeunit is an Anti-Pattern. Remember, Anti-Patterns are proven, documented ways to do development in a counter productive way.


“Small changes do make a big difference”. Thanks Microsoft (Bardur) for this change and lets move on to the next one.



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  1. Jens Glathe says:

    That’s great news. Makes importing a cleanly merged table easier, if there are old fields that are no longer needed, and/or new fields in the newer version.

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