Directions EMEA | Pre Conference Day(s) | NAV2016 is getting close

Tomorrow, on Monday morning the keynotes will start here at Directions EMEA. 1354 People have registered. That is like a 25% increase from last year. Amazing.

Yesterday and today we already had a lot of pre-conference community fun.

On Saturday morning Andrew Good and Soren Klemmensen arrived to The Netherlands to stop at my place for a night. We had pancakes to fight their jetlags.


After they had their beauty sleep (called it a jetlag) we went to Luc van Vugt for a mini MVP Summit called birthday.


They “rehersed” the build session.

On sunday morning we took off to drive to Mannheim. A 4 hour drive from my place.

It was really nice meeting so many friends. Soren wanted to go early to prepare. We ended up at the lobby having lunch and one after the other people came and said hi. At 4pm we had to send Soren up to make slides.

Sunday evening there was welcome reception. A lot of fun and catching up with people. I was off course advertising my book.


Did you know we have a new fellow on the NAV MVP Team? James Crowter is now one of us. I was the first groupie to take the picture.


We’ll hear from James a lot. He is a great asset with a lot of functional knowledge.

After the reception some MVP’s were hungry, so we tried to grab food in Mannheim on Sunday evening at 10pm.


See you in Mannheim for a great community and a great release of NAV2016!


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