Directions EMEA 2015 | T minus One Week!

Honestly I cannot believe how time flies. Maybe its age, but I feel like years are passing by so fast.

Funny enough I am writing this blog about Directions EMEA from Poznan. After one year since we had the event here in Poland I am back to teach a Architecture and Patterns Master Class for IT.Integro and  their partners. I managed to schedule this in a week when the airport was closed. Very smart.

So a year has passed by. A year where a lot has happened. We got NAV 2015 with a lot of cool new features and Microsoft started working on NAV2016 with even more cool new features. This will be presented and released in Mannheim. One week from now.

My Session This Year

Funny enough my sessions seems to be about something “old”. Web Services. However, I think it is still something new. And it is maturing.

I like to talk about things that have been around for a while and what the best practices are. Just like with my workshop and the Design Patterns. Once something has been around for a while we learn the pros and cons and how to tackle the unconvenient things.

This is also the status with Web Services. Being around for a little over a decade and somewhat shorter for Dynamics NAV we have learned a lot. Both in the Dynamics NAV ecosystem as well as globally.

Webservices are moving from SOAP to REST and REST is being simplified to OData. What does that mean for NAV partners? What is Json and how does it compare to XML? How do I consume a webservice? Should I compile a DLL? Should I use HTTP with DotNet? What are the best practices? Should I expose a page? Or an XML port? Wait, what about a Query? Which is OData.

So many questions.

Honestly? When we were giving Gary input for the MVP track during a PRS meeting I wanted this session to be taken by someone else. Yes I am curious to these questions, in fact this session idea came from me. This is something I want smart guys like Vjeko, Arend-Jan, Gunnar or Waldo to answer.

But this is not what happens. I am in a hotel room in Poznan preparing for this.


I am not alone. These smart guys will be in my panel. They are in the session to answer YOUR questions. I will talk about everything I mentioned in this post. What is the status of Web Services in 2015. What do we get from Microsoft to consume webservices?

Gunnar will also demonstrate how to use a REST webservice with a Json resultst.

Don’t stay away

Lets see how we can fit 1200 people in my session. I know you are as curious as me.

See you next week in Mannheim. By then I will have another 1300 KM on my meter I guess.

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