NAV 2015 | Import FOB, back to MS-DOS?

Although I understand the investments in Multi-Tenancy from a Microsoft perspective it does not always make our live easier.

Today during the import of a Fob at a customer I am upgrading to NAV2015 I got this message.


I don’t even run a Multi-Tenant system. This means I have to start PowerShell and run this command.

Although I love the power of PowerShell, I hate using it. Why isn’t this available from the development environment?

This case was getting even more strange since the error PowerShell gave was on a table that was not affected by the fob. The Object name already exists. I could only solve the issue with changing the tablename.

Where is the simplicity in that.

Sorry for my rant, but maybe this post helps someone having the same issue.


  1. Hi Mark,
    The NAV 2015 development client has the function Tools, Sync. Schema for All Tables (with the
    options Check Only, With Validation and Force.

    During the FOB import of NAV 2015 you should be presented with the Import FOB view where you can select Synchronize Schema (Now – with Validation, Later, Force)

    For the situation that you described you might try selecting Synchronize Schema = Later upon import, and then from the Tools menu execute the Sync. Schema for All Tables option.


  2. Hi Mark,
    Nice to hear that I’m not the only one who feels that, despite the “super powers” you’re getting, then it’s almost like back to basics.
    And why couldn’t we get some nice more graphical tools, ideally integrated into the DE as you suggest. Otherwise as an ISV solution.


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