Dynamics NAV “Corfu” will be named: NAV 2016

CJ0hTZdUYAAZUGtAt WPC 2015 in Orlando Florida, Microsoft revealed the official product name of the next version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, currently codenamed Corfu.

The name will be Dynamics NAV 2016.

Personally I am very enthousiastic about the release since it shows the NAV teams has their ducks in a row. We get a lot of new application features, development enhancements and a phone client.

If you look at the agenda for NAV Directions USA and EMEA you can get a glance of what is comming.


Enjoy your time at WPC! (Thank Per Mogensen from Mergetool for the Picture).Reg-2015-landing-page-marquee1

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  1. Do you know when NAV 2016 wil be available for download on partner source ?


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