Convergence 2015 US | Recap

It’s only wednesday afternoon, the event goes on for another day but it’s my last day at the event so time to wrap up and recap.

Honestly I had forgotten how big this event was. Last Convergence I attended was in 2008 I think. 12.000 people is huge and makes Directions EMEA look like a gathering of friends (which it is).

So it’s an experience being here even though I skipped monday because of my oldest daughters birthday.

I’ve done two presentations for NAVUG. One about upgrades and one about word reporting. Both sessions will be repeated as a NAVUG webinar so if you missed it you should register.


Goal was to squeeze almost two decades of real life upgrade experience into an hour session. I had 46 slides. I managed to do it in exactly 60 minutes with only skipping one slide.

The session was devided into a part about getting from Classic to RTC and a part about upgrades after finishing this journey. The majority of the audience was still on classic.

I hope I inspired people to get the upgrade going and enjoy the better upgrade experience after that.

You can find the slides here.

Word Reporting

I was honestly tempted to ask the audence to leave the presentation if they had ever done  a mailmerge in word, but I did not. I actually managed to spend 45 minutes on the topic with Claus Lundstrom in the audience.

Mark Word reporting

I spent most time of the presentation explaining different datasetconsiderations comparing different versions of the Sales Invoice Report. Once the dataset is easy to understand the word reporting gets easier too.

Nested Iterations

During convergence I also learned that NAV 2015 CU4 fixed the problem of having nested iterations in your word report. That is excelent news.

Glossy Mark

Couple of weeks ago I was asked some interview questions that would be published in the NAVUG magazine. Well that happened and I was quite surprised how cool the result looks in a glossy magazine.


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