Design Patterns YouTube Playlist | 30 Videos

With the recovery of a lost video at Microsoft, the Design Patterns YouTube PlayList has 30 Videos now.

23 of these videos are part of the How Do I series and co-sponsored by Microsoft. 7 videos are created by me.

You can find the PlayList on my YouTube channel: Here is the link:

Until a year ago I was unfamiliar with YouTube and video making but it is surprisingly easy to do and sends out a very clear message.

The playlist includes an hour long introduction to the concept of Design Patterns

Workshops (Advertisement)

If you want to learn more about how Design Patterns can help you improve development of Dynamics NAV in your company we have started a series of workshops together with regional MCT’s.

The first region we host is North America. On March 19th and 20th we do Atlanta with Mike Doster and on March 23rd and 24th we do Toronto with Floyd Chan.

Next up will be Europe with probably Belgium, The Netherlands, UK and Austria. I am still looking for an MCT in the UK to work together with.

Quiz: Can you see the difference between these two images?


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  1. Dave Machanick says:

    The tall tower does not like NAV in the second picture


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