My 2014 in Blogging

It’s new years eve 2014. A good moment to quickly remember a great year before spending some time with wife and kids counting down until midnight.

2014 was my first full WordPress year. I wrote about 50 new articles and brought forward another 40 from my old blog. The blog was viewed about 43.000 times.

For me 2014 was about Design Patterns. Co-funded by Microsoft I recorded about 25 videos about Design Patterns which are almost all on YouTube now. In January I will go to Microsoft to discuss how to move forward. There is a nice PartnerSource page scheduled around the patterns.

2014 was also the first full year for 2013 R2 to be up and running. With the new asynchronous object metadata it was quite a challenge in the early builds.

I started exploring C#, Visual Studio, TFS and GIT this year. I already shared some of my learnings, and I plan on continue the series next year. Some great topics are ready to be published in my head.

This fall was all about traveling and evangelising the Design Patterns. I’ve visited six events in 10 weeks across the globe. From San Diego to Poznan, from St. Louis to Bali and from Seattle to Antwerp. Talking about Design Patterns at each large NAV Conference.

It was the year where I’ve updated my book for 2013(R2) and Design Patterns. The receipt was amazing this time. Thanks to everyone who helped me, purchased the book or spread the word!

At home things have changed too. All four kids go to school now which makes a big difference. I work from home for 80% of my time allowing me to be more flexible and spend more time with the community.

2015 will be an interesting year. It will be the year when Design Patterns grow up to be complete. I am working on a train-the-trainer program with MCT’s and training partners around the world to teach people both experienced and new. The first trainings are scheduled for March in Atlanta (US) and Toronto (CA). They will be hosted by local MCT’s. I am working on a training program in Europe and an online program.

Next year will also be important for Microsoft. As new online ERP packages come up very quickly it is going to be interesting to see if a large company such as Microsoft is quick enough to adopt to changes and stay ahead.

Happy 2015 everyone. May it all be in good health and happy coding!

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