Small Changes that make a big Difference | #3

In NAV2015 all functions are local by default.

This is great for Encapsulation, but a pain for the Class-Method-Property pattern.

Therefore my request is simple, please add a column to the function form where we can set the property instead of opening the properties window each time.

Pretty please?



  1. Chrstian says:

    Great Idea. Is there a “Microsoft Connect Request” to vote for?


    1. agentidle says:

      Yes, please let me know if there is a way to vote for this feature!


  2. Totally agree with this! There are so many other areas also that we need these type of functionalities.
    As a example Column editability property of the pages – for each column we need to go to properties and set the property of editability.


  3. kriki says:

    Agree += 1;


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