TechEd 2006 | Wednesday update

This Blog Article was brought forward from my old blog

When reading this, please keep in mind that I am on like my 6th or 7th guiness (paid for by Microsoft).

Actualy one guy told me there is a large Irish community in Boston explaining why the beers here are so great.


What can I tell you guys about today.

The NAV sessions are allmost out, we had the last one today.

The first session I got today was about SQL tools. This was a realy great session. There are loads of new analisys tools added to SQL 2005 that could help us NAV guys finding  out about all of our performance issues.

I think when all bugs are fixed we realy should actualy have all of our customers on SQL 2005. The tools are great.

I attended a CRM session . Just to get to know the product. It is realy a Intenet exporer solution running on webservices, which is realy great for salespeople, but is it realy difficult to get information from different tables in one view, Very much unlike the net NAV 5.0 client where we have information from all around the application rather than having the users go thrue the info form by form.

The realy nice thing about the crm thing is the connection with word using VSTO tools. You can actualy start a word merge from whithin word getting info from the CRM thingy, but also updating information to CRM. Imagine changing the customer name or any other field in word and having it changed in the database, CRM has it! I went to the session together with Stuart, the NAV 5.0 project manager, and he was realy entousiastic about this so don;t be suprised when this will be available in 5.1 or 6.whatever

After that we had some lunch with the NAV people, who are realy giving me the feeling being a member of their team rather than the guy from the MVP program.

The session after lunch was about BizTalk and EDI. It was a realy theoretical session but kind of gives you the idea what the application does.

Then there was the last session for NAV. This was presented by David Studebaker. He owns a company together with is wife and a couple of other folks doing about 1 or 2 upgdades a month.

He did a great presentation about how to appoach a upgrade in NAV and having all kind of tips about best practices. I’ll thy to upload the ppt slide tomorrow.

After that got finished I attended a Microsoft Influencer party. First I felt a little alone, not knowing all of these people, but I ended up having  a great time with other MVP’s and Microsoft folks.

Well, that is basicly it for today.

I hope to upload some NAV 5.0 screenshots like tomorow or friday.



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