TechEd 2006 | Monday Update

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Today was the real start of the TechEd. I met most of the Navision crew today. I is realy great meating up with all of these guys after 7 or 8 years of Navision developing.

Today started off with a strategic biefing about the dynamics brand. There was loads of stuff about the CRM 3.0 version and the AX 4.0 version but the thing I liked most was the preview about the new generic Dynamics Client first being adopted in NAV 5.0 next year.

It realy looks great. Especialy when running on a Vista client.

Anyone got a look at Vista. There is a lot going on at this TechEd about Vista and Office 12.

Going back to the NAV 5.0 Client.

Much of the stuff today under NDA will be released at the TechEd tomorrow. To please stay tuned for the update tomorrow.

There were 2 NAV sessions today.

There was the introduction to Dynamics NAV thing. This was a realy nice session when you’d never heard about NAV. Todd told about all the things NAV is about and the dev environment, changing the application layer, stuff like that.

The other session was about tuning NAV for SQL. One of the realy amazing things about this session was the first slide. It was actualy saying; We have a problem running on SQL. But the next slide said; We have the solution. It was another aproach than the marketing guys take when talking about NAV on SQL without any problems.

There was a presentation about some absolutely realy cool set of tools within NAV enabling the SQL from within the NAV environment instead of the SQL enterprise manager.

This evening I had Demo station duty from 6.30 until 9.00 pm.

It was realy cool having a GP mvp coming to our booth telling: Hey we have a problem with a customer and we cannot solve it in GP.

I told him about NAV about the availability of changing within all of the NAV application and this guy was realy getting entousiastic about NAV instead of GP, saying NAV could solve this problem whereass GP could not.

Also realy a great thing was that half of the NAV team from denmark were waching me explaining it to this guy while biulding half of the solutoin in NAV during the conversation. It was realy great getting compliments of the NAV team about modifying NAV while taling to a ‘customer’

After that there was a AX developer asking about the difference between NAV and AX. I told him about the difference in adoptability. I showed him how easily NAV can be changed and modified to your business needs. And he got realy entousiastic about NAV instead of AX.

Next to that there was a dinner with all of the NAV TechEd crew. It was a realy great opportunity meeting with all of these guys.

All together is was a great day.

Tomorrow is THE presentation about NAV 5.0



PS. I am a bit dissapointed about the replies to this thread. If you have any replies please post them, even if they are smiley post.
Please remember that I am on a realy tight scedule on this event. I only have about 10 to 15 minutes a day to get you guys updated about what is going on here. The days here start at 6am and stop about 11pm and you have to catch some sleep inbetween.

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