TechEd 2006 | Update Sunday

This Blog Article was brought forward from my old blog

We had a mvp meeting today. My first international one. It is realy great seeing all of these gurus getting together.

It actualy felt a little strange being between all of these visual studio/sql and windows expert. Dynamics is realy a different type of sports.

We had a presentation by Sean O’Driscoll telling eveyone how great the MVP program is. And it is.

Only thing is when he mentioned, ‘when you are a mvp’. I do nog recognise myself into that. Acutaly the mvp-girls, April and Melissa congratulated me on having a social life, instead of 12 computers at my house.

After that we had some roundtable sessions, but not much dynamics stuff was mentioned, but I might got a change of aranging some stuff for the mvp program concerning Dynamics in the future. [NDA]

At 5:30 we had a staff meeting for the dynamics guys. Unfortunately the Navision guys are flying in late so I will be meeting them tomorrow.

After that we had the keynotes. This was a realy great show with some of the microsoft top gurus telling all about where microsoft is heading and how important we are, stuff like that.

I’ll keep you all informed about how things are evolving here. Tomorrow is the real start.

I am not realy into the blogging stuff since it is very timeconsuming. You might want to have a look at this website.


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