Conference Season 2015 | Locations and Dates (UPDATED!)

Conference season for 2014 is barely over and we already have some details for the conferences of 2015, the dates and the locations.

Here is what we know:

Directions EMEA

Next year we kick off with Directions EMEA. As you might know this swiches every year between the US and Europe who goes first.

October 5-7 | Mannheim!

The conference takes place from Monday to Wednesday in Convention Center Rosengarten in Mannheim.


For me this is convenient since I can drive by car, just like Poznan and Berlin. Great!

Navug Summit 2015

This was my favorite event this year, so you can expect me to be there again next year in Reno.

October 12 – 16 | Reno!

They save 5 days for the event, so it’s going to be a full week of sharing knowledge


Directions USA

So next year USA is after NAVUG and Directions EMEA.

October 25-28 | Orlando

We go back to Orlando Florida where the event starts on Sunday and ends on Wednesday.


It seems that NAVTechDays have found a position in the calendar for November. They are more of less the same as this year.

November 19-20 | Antwerp

In by far the coolest location from a speakers perspective we are going to have NAVTechDays in Antwerp again. Hopefully again with preconference workshops. Let’s see if we can get even more attendees than this year!


Convergence USA

This is the only event outside the “season”.

March 16-19 | Atlanta

This is the orriginal home turf of Navision in the USA. I got an invite for the event, so I am looking forward to meeting you there. It has been  a few years since I attended Convergence.

Unknown Events

There are a couple of events that don’t have a date or a location yet. These are:

  • Convergence EMEA
  • Asian Partner Summit

See you there?

With the Design Patterns project we have reached the point of having a complete package. I’m looking forward to attend as many events as possible and evangalise about the concept and make you all think like this:


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