2014 Conference season is over, NAVTechDays rocks | What’s up next ?

With NAVTechDays 2014 last week, the conference season for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is officially over.

From the perspective of a presenter, NAVTechDays is just amazing. At a cinema with a screen the size of a small house and hundreds of attendees is an experience that’s next to nothing.

I’ve already wrote some articles about what I did in Antwerp. Just in case you haven’t read them yet, you can find them here, here and here. I also recorded a video.

I had to promise Arend Jan Kauffmann that my next blog post would actually contain useful information, so hopefully it did.

Why Do You Attend All These Conferences…

…and what does Microsoft pay you? That is a question a lot of people ask me. Traveling to 6 events across the globe in 10 weeks has some serious impact on your life.

First of all, let me release you from one dream; Microsoft does not pay anything.It just does not work that way. Even if you are an MVP you are on your own. And just because you are an MVP, doesn’t make you a good presenter or a good teacher either.

For me the reason to do it, is to meet a lot of people and to get a chance to evangelise a wonderful product. The only selfish act is that paying my mortgage depends on the continuous existence of the product, so I might as well help keeping it so.

So what’s next?

I am inspired to do a lot of blogging and some videos. First of all I want to continue with my C# series that I started. I have learned a lot of C# during my trips. Even last week during Vjeko’s Mere Mortals session I got some inspiration to write an article.

From a Design Patterns perspective we are getting ready to a complete package of Architectural, Design and Implementation patterns. We have a good list of patterns on the wiki and almost 30 videos.

Together with the object-oriented methodology we presented during the writing repeatable software session we have a complete package what deserves more attention. You can expect that coming.

What about Partner Ready Software?

When we started PRS in 2011, the intention was to brand a thinktank and community initiative. With the design patterns project maturing one could argue about the value of such a concept.

Truth is we don’t know yet what will happen. There are a few options that we are currently discussing that have different futures for the brand. I’ll keep you updated as things get more clear.

So now…

…back to work all of you, you already wasted enough time reading this…


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  1. ajkauffmann says:

    “I had to promise Arend Jan Kauffmann that my next blog post would actually contain useful information”

    Sure you did!

    And if you want to stop in the Dynamics scene, think about a career in the travel business, like arranging Dynamics trips an writing about journeys. 😉


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