NAVTechDays 2014 | Development Best Practices for Creating Partner Ready Software

This year for NAVTechDays we did our second workshop for Development Best Practices for Creating Partner Ready Software. This is a one day workshop about design patterns in Dynamics NAV and how they can be applied.

I’ve been asked by the attendees to share the slides, and so I will.

Before lunch we first spent time explaining what Design Patterns are and how they fit into the Dynamics NAV ecosystem. After this the attendees did an excercise of writing a patterns themselves and presenting their pattern to the group.

After lunch we deep dive into what we call the Partner Ready Software Design Patterns. They help you structure your code in Dynamics NAV the way you would do it in object oriented languages.

On this link you will find the PowerPoint slides and the fob file with excercises.

I would like to thank Soren Klemmensen for his help during the workshop.

If you would like the introduction to Design Patterns, please contact me. I will be happy to do an online session and explain how they can be implemented.


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