NAV Events Fall 2014 | 2nd half

As I am writing this the second half of the 2014 NAV event season has started. We had Directions USA & EMEA and NAVUG SUMMIT.

Whilst I am writing this post from my hotel room at MVP Summit in Seattle, most NAV people are in Barcelona for Convergence EMEA. I had to make the choice between Redmond and Convergence, I choose Redmond to educate myself more on .Net, Visual Studio and development methodology and see how that reflects to Dynamics NAV.

Next week we have the Asia Partner Summit in Bali. I will be there doing a presentation and hands on lab for Rapidstart Upgrade and Rapidstart Code, helping out Freddy Kristiansen. Although I am looking forward to the event, I am not looking forward to spending 27 hours in airplanes in 2 days.

The last, and probably best, event of the season is NAVTechDays in Antwerp, although NAVUG Summit was really cool too.


Our Development Methodology workshop is SOLD OUT, but you can still register for the event and attend our session where we will deep dive into the complete PRS methodology which is “ready” now. We are proud to present four years of work, and we’ll probably think of new things allong the way. We at least have some fresh new idea’s to share with you.

So hope to see you at one of the events.

Goodbye from Redmond, WA.

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