My New Book | Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (R2) Application Design

Finally! It has (almost) arrived.

On September 18th my new book Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design is scheduled to be shipped.


The book is packed with design patterns and walk throughs of both standard NAV and a ton of customisations.

It covers the application from Bookkeeping to Manufacturing and Sales & Purchasing to Jobs.

Inside the book I have designed two complete add-on product with application objects, design patterns and much more.

Ever wondered what the validation flow of the sales and puchase lines are? Did you know there are (at least) five ways to setup Warehouse Management? It’s all described in my book, which makes it perfect reading for both functional oriented people and technical folks.

You can pre-order the book from this link:

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What You Will Learn

  • Set up and customize the Dynamics NAV ERP suite for various industries
  • Study dozens of design patterns used in standard applications
  • Customize Microsoft’s application features and extend them safely
  • Use blueprints, design patterns, and application objects for Equipment Reservations and Transport Management
  • Master the fundamentals of application design and learn about B2B and B2C interfacing
  • Design applications that strike a balance between total cost of ownership and functionality
  • Extend your core applications using interfaces with Flatfile, CSV, XMLPorts, ADO, EDIFACT, and Webservices

Forewords by Michael Nielsen, Director of Engineering for NAV at Microsoft and David Studebaker, co-author of Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Michael Nielsen

Most books about Microsoft Dynamics NAV are about the tooling and the platform – but this is different and describes the building blocks and the code and metadata patterns that the application is made up of. The foundation for the patterns was created many years ago when we developed  the first versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and since then they have be reused over and over again by us and every developer in the partner channel through copy-paste. However, it was not until Marije and her friends in PRS, Gary and Waldo, re-discovered the patterns and started to write books. blog, teach and speak at conferences that they became broader known.

Over time, this has evolved into an larger effort in collaboration with Microsoft the Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer community that has improved the overall quality of customization projects and reduced the implementation time. This book is important because it describes the most used patterns and how to leverage them when you modify Microsoft Dynamics NAV to suit industry-specific needs. It also contains examples on how to create add-ons and other enhancements that are easily upgraded.

Everything is based on Marijes huge experience of designing Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementations over almost two decades and expresses Marijes dedication to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product and the many passionate people in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV community.

David Studebaker

Marije Brummel is the person other Microsoft Dynamics NAV experts go to when they have a really hard problem to solve.  In this book, Marije shares knowledge she has gained over the past two decades.  In my own work as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant/developer, and as an author (writing three texts on programming in different versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV), I’ve had the opportunity to draw on Marijes expertise many times.  By reading this book, you now have a chance to do the same.

I’ve known Marije since we met at Tech-Ed in Boston in 2006.  Marije was already an accomplished analyst and developer, an expert in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and an MVP.  Marije had been invited to that conference by Microsoft to help represent Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the other technically expert attendees.  Since then, Marije has gained considerable experience and broadened her knowledge, particularly in the areas of business application problem solving using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a very special business software product.  Included in the product are a set of IDE tools designed for business applications development and tailored to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This makes it easier to create enhancements to fit the needs of specific businesses.  As an integrated, full featured ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes functionalities for accounting, order processing, inventory control, manufacturing, distribution, service management, materials planning and asset management.  This book provides examples of how to choose from and apply these in a variety of business situations.

Each new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has delivered both new application functionality and new technical capability.  Upcoming versions are becoming more compatible with “the Cloud”, mobile users and various user interface devices.  Each of these new capabilities expands the types of business applications to which Microsoft Dynamics NAV can appropriately be applied.  With a worldwide installed base already of well over 1,000,000 users, we know the uses of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are only limited by how creatively we apply our knowledge.  Read on, let Marije expand your knowledge, then use your own creativity to apply Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the needs of your business.


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