Directions USA 2013 | Cash Management Features

Cash Management Features


One of the big new things in NAV 2013 R2 is cash management. Heidi Andreasen is doing a presentation on this.

Cash Management is a continue of the Cash flow features introduced in 2013.

Cash Management contains the following:

*  Payment registration

*  Bank reconciliation

*  Vendor Payments

*  SEPA Direct Debit to Customers

*  Data Exchange Framework & Schema viewer


Local vesions vs. generic features

Up until R2 cash management was mainly a local feature not being part of W1. Some countries had some, some had nothing.

NAV 2013 R2 introduces a new generic framework that talks to the local features where necessary and provides functionality in those countries who have nothing.

Introduction new features

Payment Registration

In W1 this is done in the general journals manually. Cash Management enables users to import statements.

These formats can be setup in the bank account card.

After the import has been done the system can suggest which entry to apply the payments to. The applied lines light up green.


For the ones who are left there is an option to create mapping rules, so everytime something similar happens the same application is done

Bank Reconciliation

Some customers choose to reconciliate from the bank ledger entries. This has changed t from a ui perspective


A new page has been designed that has two parts that allow matching a bank file with the bank ledger entries

Register Payments Manually

This is a new page for people who want to process payments manually

The difference here is that the new page shows all entries from all customers.

In this page users can go around and manually try to match from the paper bank statement to the outstanding invoices.


Here you can even search for amounts that have not been posted from within a min and max amount.

Vendor payments export

This is the possibility to have the system look at outstanding vendor invoices and suggest to pay them and then export them into a bank format.

When the journal is posted and the file was exported the history is kept in a register.

Bank Integration ISO 20022xml/SEPA

With 2013 R2 Microsoft ships a framework that allows users to describe a file format and NAV will generate the setup.


Bonus Feature

Microsoft has added the feature to expose account schedules as a webservice. This allows you to consume this data in NAV or in a graph.

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