Join me at Directions Emea | Vienna

This weekend and part of previous weekend were centered around preparing presentations for Directions Emea 2013 which starts tomorrow (September 2nd) in Vienna Austria.

It’s going to be very exiting this year. Microsoft has some major announcements to do what will have a huge impact on the channel.

So what am I going to do? I have two presentations to host.

Tips and Tricks NAV2013 (R2) | September 2nd 16:15

In this presentation I am going to take you into these small big things that can enhance your productivity such as searching, sorting, page preview and code coverage & client monitor.

NAV Secret Code (PRS) | September 2nd 17:15

In this session Gary, Vjeko and me will take you into the world of design patterns in Dynamics NAV. We’ll discuss the past, present and our view on the future.

We will also announce some news so be sure not to miss!

A Secret Session?

One of the things that caught my attention is a secret session of which the content is only announced during keynotes. The session is at the same time as my first one. Hopefully it’s not going to take away to many attendees!

Stick out tongue

Hoping to see you in Vienna!


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